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List of Annual Events

Agon Shu holds various events throughout the year. Anyone can participate in most of the events.

Monthly Regular Events

Event Date
Monthly Services very month
Tsuitachi Hosho Goma(The First of the Month Fire Rite) First of every month(early morning)
Meitoku Service the 16th of every month

Annual Scheduled Events

Event Date
New Year’s Sacred Fire Ceremony (Hatsu-Goma) January 1st at Honzan and Jan. 3rd. at Kanto Betsuin locations
Hoshi Matsuri
Dai-Saito Goma Ceremony of Shinto and Buddhist Realms
February 11
Ohigan Services Spring Equinox Day and Fall Equinox Day
Flower Festival (Buddha’s Birthday) April 8
Anniversary of the Foundation of Agon Shu April 8
Kyoto Great Buddha Festival May 5
Mando Senzo Kuyo (Buddhist Services for Repose of Ancestral Spirits) July 13 through 15 (at Kanto Betsuin)
August 13 through 15 (at Honzan)
Agon Shu Buddhist Service for Fall Equinox Fall Equinox Day