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Tsuitachi Engi Hosho Goma (The First of the Month Fire Rite) held every month

Tsuitachi Engi Hosho Goma or the First of the Month Fire Rite performed by Kiriyama Kancho provides Agon Shu members with strong virtue, well-being, prosperity and a special, positive destiny throughout the new month.

The ceremony is held on the first of every month and begins at 7:00 in the morning, lasting about an hour which includes dharma talks by Kiriyama Kancho. He offers practical advice about daily life. You can get a credit-card shaped amulet blessed with sacred fire of good luck when you become a member of Tsuitachi Engi Hosho Goma.

This ceremony is simultaneously broadcasted via satellite and may be viewed at any of the Agon Shu locations throughout Japan.