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You Have Been Here Before : Reincarnation

by Seiyu Kiriyama Translated by Rande Brown
Does reincarnation really exist? Why do you reincarnate? What is it that actually reincarnates? With his highly developed psychic clairvoyance and wisdom, the author clarifies the world after death and the secrets of reincarnation. ・ 1000 yen

21st Century : The Age of Sophia
The Wisdom of Greek Philosophy and the Wisdom of the Buddha

by Seiyu Kiriyama Translated by Rande Brown
Wisdom is the very essence of life. Without wisdom nations, societies, businesses and people all go to ruin. This book compares the wisdom of Greek philosophy and the wisdom of Gotama Buddha, the two ultimate expressions of human wisdom, and explains how to cultivate wisdom. Published in conjunction with the author's invited visit on 8 June 2000 to the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Let's give some thought to wisdom! ・ 900 yen

The Wisdom of The Goma Fire Ceremony

by Seiyu Kiriyama Translated by Rande Brown
On 4 November 2000 the author performed a fire-offering (goma) ceremony at a historic church in New York and then gave a talk. In the talk he presented three principles to guide humankind in the future -- "conversation with one's soul," "battle with the mind," and "acquisition of wisdom." This book reproduces this talk, and the author maintains that the performance of the goma ceremony, embodying the wisdom of the Buddha, facilitates the acquistion of the Buddha's wisdom. ・ 1000 yen

The Marvel of Spititual Transformation

by Seiyu Kiriyama Translated by Rande Brown
The secret and principle of power which cause a miracle are solved! If he does not change, nothing happens. If he changes, heaven and earth will also change. Here is "the way of a miracle" which makes it possible. ・ 1000 yen
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