About Agon Shu

Venerates Shakyamuni Buddha's true relics and practices the Dharma for attaining Buddhahood taught by the Buddha

Each human being is born under difference conditions in terms of environment (such as in which country, period or family one is born), gender, physical appearance, physical constitution and personality. In addition to these conditions, there are other factors which determine one's fate during his/her lifetime; for instance, the fate of cancer, divorce, unnatural death and the like.

We call these conditions that humans are born with "In-nen (karmic conditions)."

The Dharma for attaining Buddhahood severs In-nen and liberates humans from worldly attachments. At the same time it brings the practitioners the ultimate power (for attaining Buddhahood) that allows them to create the optimal destiny. This ultimate state is "achieving complete liberation = becoming a Buddha."

Shakyamuni Buddha became a Buddha himself through ascetic practices, and thereafter he expounded and propagated his teachings and the method (the Dharma for attaining Buddhahood) of becoming a Buddha until he passed away at the age of eighty.

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