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Agon Shu's Overseas Activities

Interaction with Religions Overseas In 1984, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama visited Japan and celebrated the “Aura Festival World Peace Prayer Service,” joining Kiriyama Kancho in lighting the ritual fire at Tokyo’s Budokan, in Japan.

The following year, in 1985, Agon Shu was invited to the Vatican City to participate in the “Prayer for Peace” as a representative of Japan Buddhism, and Kiriyama Kancho also attended a special conference with Pope John Paul II.

In 1988, the most distinguished Islam scholar, Dr. Abel Moneim El Nemr and other scholars were invited to participate in the very successful “Islamic-Buddhist Forum on World Peace” held in Kyoto.

In addition, Agon Shu continues its deep interaction with the religious world in various countries such as China, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Myanmar and Bhutan.

In 2010, Agon Shu and Maya Spiritual Tradition held “Maya-Agon Joint World Peace Prayer Service” at the Second Aura Festival.

Religious Activities in the World “Peace and harmony within our nation cannot be attained without the repose of departed souls. Peace and harmony within each household cannot be attained without appeasing departed souls.” This is the philosophy of Agon Shu’s Seiyu Kiriyama Kancho.

Having experienced countless numbers of wars since he was a child and strongly recognizing the need for peace, Kiriyama Kancho believes his mission as a man of religion is to devote his prayers to the departed souls of the victims of horrific deaths around the world according to the highest Buddhist law, the “Jobutsu-ho ”, and to perform Buddhist ceremonies dedicated to world peace. This is why Kiriyama Kancho and Agon Shu conduct activities around the world.

In the past, Agon Shu has held prayer ceremonies for the departed souls lost in the Republic of Palao, China, Mongolia, Taiwan, India, New York and France as well as in Okinawa, Ise, Tokyo and Hiroshima, Japan. The Fire Rites (Goma) Ceremonies dedicated to world peace and harmony have seen great success with the great support of everyone from each region.

On June 13, 2006, with the collaboration of the city of Oswiecim in Poland, a Fire Rites Ceremony was held on the land adjacent to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in dedication to world peace and in commemoration for holocaust victims.

In the following year, Agon Shu held a Fire Rites Ceremony dedicated to the departed souls of the Victims of Detainment in Siberia in Khabarovsk, Russia on July 8, 2007,.

At the invitation of the Israeli government, a Fire Rites Ceremony for the 60th Anniversary of Foundation of Israel and for World Peace was held in Jerusalem, Israel in September, 2008.

On October 2, 2009, a Fire Rites Ceremony in dedication to the Departed Souls of the War Dead in South Pacific and for World Peace was held in Guadalcanal, followed by another Fire Rites Ceremony in Papua New Guinea on October 8, 2009.

In 2010, Agon Shu and Maya Spiritual Tradition held “Maya-Agon Joint World Peace Prayer Service” at the Second Aura Festival.