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What is Agon Shu?

Agon Shu is Original Buddhism

Agon Shu is a Buddhist organization based on the Agama (Agon) Sutras which Shakyamuni Buddha originally preached to his disciples. Agon Buddhism is described as “Original Buddhism.”
In the past, Buddhism was erroneously divided into Mahayana Buddhism and Hinayana Buddhism. This was, however, a sectarian demarcation rather than a proper classification, and the two streams of Buddhism have now been retitled as Mahayana Buddhism and Original Buddhism. Agon Shu falls under what is now called Original Buddhism.

Agon Shu was established as a Buddhist organization in 1978 by Seiyu Kiriyama. Seiyu Kiriyama is the spiritual leader of the organization and is referred to as Kiriyama Kancho. Kiriyama Kancho led a Buddhist organization called Kannon Jikeikai, based on the Kannon Sutra of Mahayana Buddhism, for about thirty years, until the founding of Agon Shu in 1978.

You may ask why Kiriyama Kancho dissolved the former Buddhist organization of Kannon Jikeikai and established Agon Shu? Kiriyama Kancho gives three reasons: