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Meitoku Service, held on the 16th of every month

The purpose of this service is to achieve the release of anguished ancestral spirits from their innen, or karma. These ancestors will thereafter become benevolent guardians and protectors of their descendants.
The Meitoku Kuyo is rooted in the mysterious and sacred ritual of Tibetan esoteric Buddhism. The ritual, originating in the Nyingmapa Buddhist tradition, is based on secret sutras, the “Exorcism Sutra” and the “Invoking the Spirits Sutra,” which were directly transferred to Kiriyama Kancho by the Supreme Head of the Nyingmapa tradition. The ritual was then mastered and perfected by Kiriyama Kancho.
Anyone who has become a member of the Meitoku Ceremony is then able to hold Meitoku Kuyo services for their ancestors at their own home. Kiriyama Kancho conducts the ceremony at Honzan site or the main temple on the 16th of every month at 2:30 p.m. It runs simultaneously at Kanto Betsuin and other Agon Shu locations throughout Japan via Agon Shu satellite.