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About Agon Shu: Three Elements of Buddhist Religion – Buddha, Dharma and Sangha

  1. Buddha: The object of Buddhist religion, called Honzon, or the main object of veneration. Buddha: The object of Buddhist religion, called Honzon, or the main object of veneration.
    The Gohoto, or stupa, contains the authentic relics of the Buddha.

    Agon Shu’s main object of veneration is of course Shakyamuni Buddha. Agon Shu does not worship wooden statues or painted statues- which constitutes idol worship, an accusation often levied against the Buddhist religion by Christianity and Islam- but worships the Buddha’s sacred remains, which are venerated as sacred relics imbibed with Shakyamuni Buddha’s holy spirit. In Buddhist terminology, the Buddha’s sacred relics are called Hosshin-shari. The sacred relics of the Buddha are considered to be the most precious object of veneration in Buddhism.

    Agon Shu has the honor of holding two authentic relics of the Buddha.. One was gifted to Agon Shu by the Fourteenth Dalai Lama in 1983, and the second by then President Jayawardene of Sri Lanka, in April 1986. Each of these two relics of the Buddha has an official historic document, one issued by the Dalai Lama, and the other by the government of Sri Lanka, attesting to the authenticity of these sacred relics.

    images Unlike many Mahayana Buddhist orders that worship idols such as wooden or painted statues, Agon Shu members worship the sacred relics of the Buddha’s remains, infused with the holy spirit of the Buddha. The members of Agon Shu are deeply appreciative of being able to deepen their religious faith guided by the presence of the Buddha's holy spirit.

  2.   Dharma: Methods for spiritual and ascetic practice.
    1. The Buddha’s Jobutsu-ho, or Dharma of Attaining Buddhahood

      The Jobutsu-ho teaches the ways to sever one’s bonds of karma and be liberated from one’s innen. One may obtain Jobutsu-ho in this life through practice and training, and departed spirits may be sent to the path of liberation and attain Buddhahood through special services performed. Kiriyama Kancho calls Shichika Sanjushichidohon, taught by the Buddha in the Agon Sutras, The Seven Systems and Thirty Seven Curricula to Become a Buddha.
    2. images The Dharma of the Wish-Fulfilling Jewel

      The Dharma of the Wish-Fulfilling Jewel, the highest method of ritual practice, is a true masterpiece. In esoteric Buddhism, this method is considered the ultimate, most esoteric ritual practice in Buddhism. The Dharma of the Wish-fulfilling Jewel of Agon Buddhism produces especially spectacular signs and miracles because it has the genuine holy relics of the Buddha as its object of veneration, or honzon. Kiriyama Kancho received transmission of this dharma from the great Abbot Venerable Jishu Oda, the resident priest of the Ninnaji Temple. It is quite rare to find a spiritual leader who can perform this dharma.
    3. The Buddha’s Dharma – Gumonjisomei-ho

      The Shingon esoteric Buddhist school has a dharma called Gumonjisomei-ho, which is said to make a person a genius. Based on his own practice and experience, Kiriyama Kancho incorporated the secret method of developing the chakras of Kundalini Yoga of India, and the secret breathing techniques of Taoism of China, into this Gumonjisomei-ho, coming up with his own unique method of the Buddha’s Dharma of Gumonjisomei-ho.

      Kiriyama Kancho, who trains his disciples and followers with this method, states in his book,

      “If I had to list one cause for the unhappiness of the human race, I would have to say that it is the foolishness the human race has. If humans were a little wiser, there would not have been any wars or environmental destruction; they would have created a peaceful and happy world with a prosperous coexistence. There is a system, which would make a human being wise and even make him a genius. This technique is called the Buddha’s Dharma of Gumonjisomei-ho. What is superior about this technique is that it does not just teach the know-how, but it transforms and improves a human being under the sacred principle of religion. We wouldn’t want to make a demon into a genius.

      The tragedy of the contemporary society lies in the fact that the science and technology human race has created greatly surpasses the ability of the human being, which he no longer can control. This is the cause of the environmental destruction that continues to take place. Furthermore, the increased societal power has destroyed traditional ethics and morals and even religions. Sadly, the human race is unable to create new and alternative ethics, morals and societal guidelines. The society has no choice but to take the road to ruin.

      What we now see is the emergence of a new human race with supernatural abilities that can control this society.”

  3. Sangha: refers both to a Buddhist order or community, and to a monk who leads a Buddhist order.
With Seiyu Kiriyama as the spiritual leader, Agon Shu takes the sacred relics of the Buddha as its object of veneration, and possesses the Jobutsu-ho taught by the Buddha to sever all karmas, the Nyoihoju-ho that bestows the virtues of Gedatsuhosho, or liberation, and the Buddha’s Dharma of Gumonjisomei-ho, which creates human excellence for the 21st century. We believe that Agon Shu, with the sacred relics and these three special methods of practice, is the sangha that holds within it the mission of the messiah, to save the human race from the Earth’s crisis and prevent the destruction of the human race.